S-Weld Clean Pickling Gel


S-Weld Clean thickened pickling gel utilises innovative Australian technology for the formulation of a high adhesion stainless steel pickling gel. It is used to remove the black oxide scale burn marks and heat tint caused during welding on the stainless steel. S-Weld Clean leaves a clean professional finished look on the stainless-steel weld area. It is suitable for use on stainless steels, duplex steel and Inconel alloys.

  • Conforms to standard ASTM a380
  • One step treatment for easy application
  • Completely water rinseable allowing no time loss for extra cleaning
  • Can be used on vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Controlled application which eliminates product wastage
  • Removes black welding scale, discolouration and corrosion on stainless steel

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